The Tale of Porcelain Exists

Founded in 1999 Laguz manufactures luxury ceramics and
porcelain products.

Passion, novel techniques and inspiration rising from Medieval Armenian Ceramic traditions of Iznik, Kutahya, Dvin, and Ani have engendered an entirely modern and unique direction in ceramics and porcelain production.

To give life to our products we use only high quality raw
materials imported from Limoges, France. Our articles are created with great care and love: each piece is handmade and hand-painted.

By joining old and modern technologies we create new traditions. We stay loyal to our principle of taking charge of every detail and getting the highest quality.

Our services

Custom design
Design & Realisation
Homedecor and Lifestile in porcelain


Once upon a time there was an artist who knew how to create beauty with his hands but his mind was looking for something yet nameless, and there was a Dream, which was waiting for his Dreamer.

One day they met: the spiritual met the material. Taking risks and challenging fear they united. With the help and the power of earth and fire elements the dreamer recreated the beautiful Dream of the world in porcelain.

Hard work and tenacity brought together a group of talented people around the idea of sharing beauty and bygone traditions with the world. Beauty needs to be known in order to bring joy and peace to our minds.